Why Search Engine Optimization is Important?

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All the major search engines show results where the pages rank the websites based on how relevant they are; and one such important factor that decides whether the website is relevant or not is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is made up of different elements, so the key is nothing but to understand them and to learn how do they actually work. SEO is important because it makes your website more accessible and visible, which makes sure that more traffic turns up to your website. This helps in converting potential viewers into buyers.


The fundamentals of SEO:

1) Technical SEO: The name itself tells that it has nothing to do with content of the website or with how the website is being promoted.  What it does is that it changes the settings which makes the job of search engine web crawlers easier.

2) On-page SEO: The main job of the on-page SEO is to do with the content of the website. The main function of this is to send ample amount of signal to the web crawlers, so that they understand the content of your website and that they turn towards this particular site. Search engine do not read the pages as a normal human being does. The crawlers look out for the sites that gives them the most signals that are valid to the search and have quality content. In this you deal with keywords, structure of the website, internal links, images, headings and other techniques that send the correct signals to the crawlers.

3) Off-page SEO: Apart from the changes that one can make on the content of his website to improve the rank of their website, one can also make use of off-the-site SEO techniques. The main focus of Off-page SEO is to build strong backlinks. This helps because quality backlinks to your website from the website which are highly valued by the search engines helps to tell the search engines that your website is valuable, is of high quality and builds authority.

4) Keywords: The days are long gone when keywords were the only factors that mattered in SEO technique, but it doesn’t mean that they are totally useless today. The difference now is that there has to be a lot of research and the keywords must be chosen carefully so that the content is showcased in an effective manner. Whenever the research is done regarding keywords then one must choose the keyword that has a significantly high search rates and the ones that have low competition. Also, one has to choose short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords and also the local keywords to be used into the website’s content.


Importance of SEO:

1) Rankings and Visibility: One of the main functions of SEO is to increase the visibility of the Website. This means that users find you easily and get the content that you are offering. Visibility is related to the ranking of your website directly. The greater the rank of your website, the greater are the chances of user seeing you and then clicking on the website’s link.

2) Authority: This is a new approach of SEO and it is becoming important day by day in search engines as it is becoming an important factor for prospects. Authority means that your website is of high quality, relevant, trustworthy and offers something to the user. The more authority a website has, the higher will be the rank of the website and hence it will bring in more traffic.

3) User Experience: Now that you have done such work to organize your content well and using the on-page SEO techniques, writing quality content, rearranging your website, this helps in increasing the usability of the website which in turn helps to create a good user experience on your website.

4) Traffic: The main function of the SEO is to increase the traffic on the website. Traffic increases when the website’s ranking and the visibility increases. According to research, 33% of the click go to the websites that are on the first page of the web results. Whereas 75% of the clicks go to the first five ranking websites in the results of the search engines.

5) Insights into your customers: SEO helps in generating valuable traffic to the website. So, when this traffic comes to your website, Google Analytics tracks it. This is valuable as it gets insights about your customers like how they browse, search, what language they use, their region, etc. This is very important as it gives us enough information so as to make our decisions accordingly.


Hence it is clearly visible that Search Engine Optimization is a complicated understanding and it involves many aspects, techniques and practices. These techniques will continue to evolve as customer and web user behaviour change. But still, SEO is of great importance to any organisation that considers its website to be an important part of their business. SEO can help in achieving many targets for a company may it be creating awareness about the brand, traffic, user experience, creative content writing, etc. As a deduction, it is very important to know the importance of SEO and how it helps an organization to grow.