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A Website is a Face of Your Business

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Make your first impression right with your website.

A good functional website is far more appealing than just a good looking website.

A functional website

A website is your marketing tool. Your potential customers or visitors will perceive the quality of your products and services from your website. A good website is a half battle won. That's bit of an overstatement. Let's say its 20% battle won. A good website does not mean it should use too many graphical elements. A good website is something that is informative, easy to navigate and of course it should be visually appealing.

A quick loading website

Various researches show that websites that take more than 3 seconds to load, lose quite a lot business. World moves at quite a pace and your website visitors are not going to wait for your site to load for too long.

A responsive website

There are devices available in the market that are in different sizes and shapes. Your website must give a consistent look and feel and user experience should be consistent across all devices.

A website with perfect coding standards

Bad coding is not good for website load time, SEO and overall experience and functioning of the website. A website developed with latest and stable technologies goes a long way. Bad coding may create some security loopholes as well.

A secure website

Security is of paramount importance. Database SQL injections, XSS, CSRF attacks should be taken care off. A visitor on your website should feel secure and you as a website owner should make sure that the website is secure.

How to select a developer for your website?

There are too many developers available, it's very important for you to select a proper vendor.
  1. 1

    Check credentials

    Check credentials of the web developer.

  2. 2

    Understand his/her vision

    It's very important that the vision of developer suit your needs.

  3. 3

    Understand each others expectaions

    Understand each other or the project will be in the dumps.

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