How ‘Game Of Thrones (Got)’ Successfully Implemented Online Marketing ?

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“Winter is coming in the middle of summers” the massively Popular story-line used by the most successful fantasy series of the era ‘Game of Thrones’ has created a mega buzz for its upcoming season this year. The cinematography of ‘GoT has thrilling fans from last 7 seasons & the 8th season smashed every record at the box-office with more than 17.4 million viewers all around the world. According to sources, it is HBO’s biggest ever streaming series with a huge fan base all over the world.

To create such a huge hype only a great story-line isn’t sufficient. So the HBO has always made sure that the battle of GoT never goes out of the minds from their prospects audiences. So to satisfy this moto and to be always on the minds of viewers, they effectively used Online Marketing strategies.

The above image is the official trailer launch post of season 8 series.

GoT has rolled the wave of Online Marketing to keep the viewers excited for days and always finds innovative Online Marketing strategies to keep its audience engaged at each step of new upcoming series,  by generating excitement  before the launch of every new season, to maintain high levels of engagement and finally, enriching consumers loyalty for lifetime. A smart mix of trending Online Marketing strategies has been the main reason for the success of GoT. Let’s take a brief overview of Online Marketing strategy of GoT.

  • GoT Facebook Account:

The Facebook page of GoT is the perfect combination of wide diversified alluring content to maintain the ongoing stardom of the series consistently. The Facebook page of GoT consists of 215,545 members added to the group & more than 17 million followers of the page. A  smart game of Online Marketing was played by posting the Promo material of each season, GoT stunning posts, real-life media (red carpet interviews of all the famous characters, magazine covers, photoshoots of characters, etc.) as well as the specialized merchandising called as ‘GoT beer anyone?’.

The above image shows the live streaming of ice-melt campaign of GoT.

By posting the user-generated content most often in the form of cosplay outfits fans.

The next huge strategy which they used was Facebook live, fans of GoT were invited to watch the block of ice melt all in the pursuit of a very thriller enigma reveal. This Facebook live Ice melt campaign resulted in the gigantic success as 3 million Facebook viewers had tuned into FB live at the same time. While the live broadcast 145k of viewers was live for almost 20 minutes. GoT then introduced the new filter on Facebook wherein the users can transform them into night king which resulted in large hit capturing more number of viewers.

  1. GoT Twitter Profile:

Aggressive Campaigns were smartly placed on the Twitter platform as well. GoT have posted 61.1k viewer engagement posts till date with the increasing number of 8.28M followers. They played the Game of trending Hashtags by keeping the viewers connected with every content.

From #GoTSeason8 to #GameofThronesSeason8 and then specific hashtags like #TheWarsToCome or #CatchDrogon. #GOT #GameofThrones #NotToday #Got8 #NightKing to make the content reach out to the majority of the audience. Adding on some responsive quotes about special scenes on twitter were posted so that people could retweet their opinions about the upcoming season which maintained the legacy of excitement in the viewers.

The above image shows the successful implementation of hashtags in the posts.

  • GoT YouTube Channel:

Unsurprisingly as a TV show, GoT also created a very popular YouTube channel which has 4564389 viewers. Online Marketing Strategy was used on YouTube by posting the mini clips of the upcoming episode, promotional videos, short promos, etc.

The image is official youtube page of GoT with 4564389 viewers & 4.5M subscribers.

Apart from these routine videos, the smart game was played by posting the clips from the original series, red carpet interviews of main characters, behind the scenes videos. It also included the launch of a mixtape of seasons to promote the GoT to core demographic this gave all the viewers the sense of attachment and also more content to devour themselves in the thrilling world of GoT.

  • GoT Instagram Account:

Tempting Content plays a very crucial role in creating  awareness, attracting the viewers, this strategy is prominently used by GoT on Instagram with a fan base of 9.4M followers and still increasing. The Popular quotes were smartly used from the series so as to create a sense of belonging to the viewers with the scenes from GoT.

The above image depicts famous GoT chair with popularly used quotes from GoT

These quotes were quoted on the 3D images of various famous characters and scenes from the episode. The quote ‘Winter is Coming’ massively engaged all the people and kept the excitement consistent till the release of the eighth season.  Every season of GoT is been released after the specific interval of almost in one year meanwhile they concentrate on keeping the viewers engaged by aggressively posting the new diversified content named as ‘Spoiler Alert!!!’ from the upcoming seasons for maintaining the curiosity between the audience

To keep the viewers engaged the new diversified content named as ‘Spoiler Alert!!!’  was posted from the upcoming seasons

  • GoT Potential new digital channel:

To integrate into the Digital World GoT used 2 main digital channels Pinterest and Meerkat. Pinterest focused on the visual content of the GoT, which was used for promotions. The visual contents were very attractive so that it captured the vision of the viewer which created a buzz all around the world.

Meerkat was effectively used for the live telecasting of the season premiere which captured thousands of viewers of its broadcast.

The above image shows the visual content of a famous scene from GoT which was posted on Pinterest

  • GoT Website Presence:

One area that upgrades the Digital presence is its Website setup, GoT has various Websites, Microblogs, Tumblr so as to facilitate more knowledge about the Series. The design of the website is so alluring that it attracts the attention of viewers. The most popular websites of GoT are:

The above image is the official Website of GoT.


Thus we can conclude by saying that the GoT made by HBO are a case of amazing content along with great Online Marketing. They used Online Marketing on a large scale to connect with their audience globally. Also, Online Marketing is been an integral part of GoT Promotion Campaigns. HBO understands how to appeal the huge masses by using all the strategic Online Marketing Techniques in order to extend the reach. This is how GoT increased their digital presence and broke all the records at the box-office