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Grow your audience with Facebook Advertisements

Awareness. Consideration. Conversion.

Generate leads through Facebook Advertisement

There are number of objectives you can achieve with Facebook Adverts. Types of advertisement depends on what objective you want to achieve.

Types of Facebook Advertisements


  • Boost posts
  • Promote page
  • Reach nearby people


  • Send people to website
  • Get video views
  • Generate leads


  • Increase conversion on website
  • Get people to claim your offer
  • Promote product catalogue

How to create your first Facebook Advertisement

Decide the objective of the advertisement before you start

Facebook Adverts are extremely targeted

Facebook is a big repository of people. Therefore you can target your ads by selecting geography, age, gender, languages spoken, interests etc. As the targeting is very specific, you can reach right audience.

Conversion tracking is very simple

You can track your conversions by using Facebook Pixel. This is very easy to use and at the same time it is very effective. Now no more walking in the dark regarding ROI. You can easily find out your returns on investment.

Remarketing is completely possible

Now remarketing is completely possible with the advent of custom audience. With Facebook Pixel you can track your audience which in turn can be used very effectively in remarketing. This improves the effectiveness of the advertisement.

Cost effective

With cost as low as Rs. 40 per day, you can definitely try your hand at Facebook Adverts. With Facebook Adverts you get the results without making a hole in your pocket. Various pricing mechanisms help in optimizing the ad further.

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