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How to generate more leads through Email campaign?

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If you want to win the trust of your target audience, then email marketing strategy helps you build relationships and reach out to your target audience. This increases the sales of your business at an affordable cost. Simply asking the viewers to enter the email address isn’t going to make them feel excited. You need to approach the audience smartly. This is the reason why you need to know about the tips to conduct a successful email marketing campaigns.

Tips for a successful campaign:

Make it simple for subscribing:

If you don’t have the people who have subscribed to your site, then you will have no one to email to. So, before you take care of how to send emails, you have to make it easy for the audience to subscribe. Find your active customers, it can be from a Facebook page, twitter, homepage, or blog post a signup form and make them subscribe. Don’t ask them to fill too many required fields, it may scare the new subscribers off. Your main priority to get from the viewers is just the email address, remaining information is a bonus.

Explain it briefly what the subscribers can expect from you:

Tell your subscribers what they are going to get updated about. Give them a brief explanation of your company updates, weekly tips, how frequently you will contact them. It is your responsibility to tell the readers what to expect and how often they will get. Provide them as much information as possible, this, in turn, will prevent subscribers getting unhappy and feel disappointed later.

Mention the objective:

When sending emails, it is important for the subscribers to understand what your main objective is. A lot of people only concentrate on the subject lines to save their time. People don’t open your email if your subject is too vague even if the content is good. After opening the email, if the people don’t find the content what they are looking for, then they will delete it off immediately. So, analyze your thoughts and provide the content that is valuable to the readers. The fastest way to create a meaningful content and campaign is being empathetic to the needs and concerns of your target audience.

Set a default time to send your emails:

As people receive more emails during the business hours, it is not the best time to send your emails at the same time. More emails in the inbox will decrease the priority of your mail. The best email strategy is to send the emails from 8 pm to midnight. Test more to know when your customer opens your email.

Provide option to scan:

People get a lot of emails to every day. It is not possible to read all the emails in their busy schedule. So, they will scan the content for key points. Make your key points highlighted by changing the font and color. Use small paragraphs, bullets, and colors that are important to the users.


Design your email according to your requirements. There are mainly two ways of designing an email. If you want your email to be personal and engaging, then use only plain text without adding any fancy stuff. The other way is to make it look perfect for your brand. You can find the email providers that offer you to create a template from scratch.

Make sure it is compatible with mobile:

Nowadays most people use smartphones to check their emails. So, you should make sure that your email is optimized for mobile. Use the software that can help you control the layout of your email.

Use casual/ friendly tone:

Using a friendly tone can improve the relationship of your business with the audience. Even if you are sending an email, people expect human voice while reading the content. The best way to set the casual tone is starting your email with the first name while greeting them.

Avoid website data loss using following techniques

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Owning a website and protecting the files on that website is a crucial part. It is essential to keep back-ups of all the data that’s on your server if you own a website. Website data loss and technology failures may happen all the time. Rather than having a few website pages, we often have huge databases running on our websites. So a risk of loss of data exists and the process of prevention became even more necessary. Lost data can’t be recovered anywhere. To de-risk from these losses, you need to find creative alternatives for securing the data. In this section, we have explained in detail on how to prevent website data loss.

Amazon Web Services:

Amazon web services are designed to store a large amount of data and retrieve that information from anywhere. It provides a wide range of backup options that stores the files in a quiet place with the variety of services offered by Amazon. It ensures that the data is secured, scalable and safe to achieve efficiency within their backup and recovery environment without the need for on-premises tools.

Google Drive:

If you want to store a small amount of data, then this will be a great option for the low cost. It creates a virtual file system around your Gmail account, permitting you to use Gmail as a storage medium. The plugins present in this will automatically email your database backups on a regular basis. You can store and retrieve the files on your Gmail account directly from inside windows explorer. Remaining all the information can be mailed in an instance.

Cloud Backup:

The main benefit of using backup in the cloud is that you don’t need to do anything manually. The off-site backup service will take care of your data. But, you need to pay for the off-site service. In order to make use of the cloud backup. You have to find the best among all the backups available, to make sure that your files are not prone to any type of attacks.


As a human, we do mistakes and that may lead to losing important things. So, it is always important to take safety measures before happening of any disaster. A good backup is always wise in any kind of computing environment.

Cloud combats a storage battle for you!

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We all know what cloud computing is all about. It’s a provision and managing of computing resources and how those resources are used to deliver the applications and services like-storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and more over the internet.

How cloud is fulfilling your storage worries?

Cloud computing providing an unlimited, secure and reliable access or storage facility to your vast business data, unlimited storage by mean you don’t have to worry about your computer hardware and software, how much they are capable of storing data, neither have to go for safety assurance like a back-up of your data. Cloud storage provides centralized daily back-ups, for your all domains and accounts.

Cloud takes your intensive data workload as rising of mobile applications, internet of things causing massive increases in the volume of data need to be moved, processed and stored which is nearly hard for your local storage server system. That is where cloud storage puts an upper hand on conventional storage and allow you to store your massive data without any fear, as it provides daily backup services.

Cloud is known for its efficiency- it provides dynamic infrastructure design that helps to combat the rising cost of IT’s budget, elasticity, rapid provisioning. It also gives you one-click non-destructive restore and back-up for your valuable data.

Reliable- Cloud computing makes data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity easier and less expensive because data can be mirrored at multiple redundant sites on the cloud provider’s network.

Speed-cloud service providers provide on-demand service so that vast amount of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes, that gives businesses a lot of flexibility and taking the pressure off.

Traditional enterprise storage vendors creating tactics to combat public cloud such as increased availability of pay-as-you-go storage consumption models.