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SSL Certificate - A must before SEO

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Each and every website, whatever their product, services or offering is, want a good Google ranking. There are literally hours and hours of online tutorials available online which teaches how to boost your Google rank or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). But using a simple SSL(Secure Socket Layer) certificate can help you greatly in achieving that.

Most of the users browsing the Internet on a daily basis are constantly apprehensive about sharing their personal data online. Before going ahead you should know the simple difference between HTTP & HTTPS.

HTTP is for Hypertext transfer protocol while HTTPS stands for Hypertext transfer protocol Secure. This extra S in HTTPS is for security because of SSL certificate.

SSL certificate helps in putting an extra security in the form of encrypted data when the user visits your website to transfer some personal information. This might not seem a big deal for a user, simply browsing the internet, but for websites which are based on getting some personal data from users; this additional encryption feature will help a lot in getting extra security.

SSL certificate makes sure that any kind of data that is shared by the user with the web browser and server remains completely private and encrypted. SSL websites can be explained in more detail, but here we are mainly focused on how this will help you in achieving a better Google ranking or better SEO

Google has officially announced that they are going to give websites with an SSL certificate a preference in ranking when compared to simple HTTP website. Google’s main aim behind this announcement is to keep the web, a completely secured place for users. They want most of the websites to be transferred from HTTP to HTTPS.

Google also has announced that their research has proved that sites with HTTPS (SSL certificate) shows better ranking, not in terms of just privacy but also relevancy. Google has always openly admitted as security to be their topmost priority. Google has started Indexing pages on a priority basis with HTTPS pages at the topmost priority.

But you shouldn’t think that merely HTTPS will help your website ranking in Google. There are a lot of factors that are going to be considered, but just to compare, if all the factors are same with other sites, and if your website is HTTPS then it will definitely rank better than others.

Bottom line is switching to HTTPS is definitely a smart move right now as it may not have a huge impact at present, but will surely become a very significant factor in the future.

Avoid website data loss using following techniques

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Owning a website and protecting the files on that website is a crucial part. It is essential to keep back-ups of all the data that’s on your server if you own a website. Website data loss and technology failures may happen all the time. Rather than having a few website pages, we often have huge databases running on our websites. So a risk of loss of data exists and the process of prevention became even more necessary. Lost data can’t be recovered anywhere. To de-risk from these losses, you need to find creative alternatives for securing the data. In this section, we have explained in detail on how to prevent website data loss.

Amazon Web Services:

Amazon web services are designed to store a large amount of data and retrieve that information from anywhere. It provides a wide range of backup options that stores the files in a quiet place with the variety of services offered by Amazon. It ensures that the data is secured, scalable and safe to achieve efficiency within their backup and recovery environment without the need for on-premises tools.

Google Drive:

If you want to store a small amount of data, then this will be a great option for the low cost. It creates a virtual file system around your Gmail account, permitting you to use Gmail as a storage medium. The plugins present in this will automatically email your database backups on a regular basis. You can store and retrieve the files on your Gmail account directly from inside windows explorer. Remaining all the information can be mailed in an instance.

Cloud Backup:

The main benefit of using backup in the cloud is that you don’t need to do anything manually. The off-site backup service will take care of your data. But, you need to pay for the off-site service. In order to make use of the cloud backup. You have to find the best among all the backups available, to make sure that your files are not prone to any type of attacks.


As a human, we do mistakes and that may lead to losing important things. So, it is always important to take safety measures before happening of any disaster. A good backup is always wise in any kind of computing environment.

Business Email address - Utmost important for your business

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Effective digital marketing and online promotions require you to give maximum time and attention to your customers’ online behaviour. You might be able to make presentable and attractive ads to send them to your customers’ email accounts. However, people are sceptical when it comes to clicking on online ads even if they find them interesting. The reason for this is online fraud and scams.

In case, your business is a start-up or a small one, and you’re worried about the budget, business email accounts are available for as little as $1 these days. You will also be provided with enough space to store your important data.

These are a few important reasons why businesses should have their own business email ID:

It leaves a good impression on your existing customers and potential clients.

A business email address brands your business. It also reminds your customers of your business.

Spammers tend to hack your email account and compromise your business related data when your email address is not branded. Having a separate business email account making hacking impossible.

Leave alone clicking on your ads, most of the people don’t even open ad emails if they are not from a business email account.

You don’t have to worry about your email account being shut down by your webmail provider.

Your privacy is secured and you are protected from being a victim of viruses and malware.

You don’t have to choose from the options given to you. You can have the email handle of your choice.

It controls and organizes your system. You can create new email addresses for new employees with their names.

The customers find it easy and safe to interact directly with the employee they want to talk to.

Apart from all of these pros, a business email also helps you to recognize your employees with the email accounts. A business email address works just like having a business website. It is an answer to the question of credibility and reputation. If you seek expansion and results in a shorter period, owning a business email address is the first step towards that.

Increase your website traffic by getting your website secured

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Improving the search visibility of your website platform is sure to leave you with the benefit of increased visits ie traffic to your site and sales. But your website’s security is one of the biggest factors that can affect its visibility and conversions. Don’t trust us? Read on to know why it is crucial to have a secured website to beat the heat of competition.

The correlation of strong keyword ranking and secure website

If your site doesn’t run on an HTTPS protocol, then you’ll surely face fall in keyword rankings. The ranking algorithm of search engines lays a larger emphasis on user security. Even if your site has strong keyword stuffing, it would fail to achieve higher conversion rate if it lacks enough security. It is therefore important to have a secured website for higher ROI of your site.

Increase in Bounce Rates due to unsecured elements

With users becoming savvier, browsers are now turning assertive around warnings and blocking less secured elements and blocked content is likely to face increased bounce rates. Users exit the site either due to an intrusive warning or due to a low experience. Insecurity of your site will potentially affect its performance. For maintaining the current performance of your site, it is imperative to focus on building a secure site.

‘Not secure’ warning drops Online leads and sales

If your site features the right elements, users are likely to complete the desired action. An absence of barriers increases the leads or sales on that platform. On the other hand, a warning against the site’s security is sure to reduce the confidence of users in the website. Hence, a ‘not secure’ warning drops conversion rates, which eventually results in fewer leads or sales.

Some serious performance is important for HTTP/2

HTTP/2 offers some serious performance and speed benefits. This updated HTTPS protocol offers the benefit of improved speed and usability, which is crucial for high rank of the website. Note that popular browsers including Chrome support HTTPS sites over a non-secure connection only making HTTP/2 an essential set for high performance.

The Concluding Word

Making a website secure may seem a matter of simply updating or adding your SSL certificate, or changing some elements in your website’s code. But a website’s security is highly dependent on how it is built, and the integration/plugins that it is utilizing. It is advised, to get your site checked by a professional for identification and rectification of security issues.

Domains which everyone is looking for !

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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is granting new Top Level Domains (TLDs) every now and then. Currently, there are around a thousand of these Top Level Domains, like

For Business: .enterprises, .industries, .business, .company

For Real estate sector: .estate, .construction, .contractors, .properties, .property

For education sector: .school, .college, .education, .institute, .university, .tech, .academy

For healthcare sector: .clinic, .surgery, .dental, .healthcare, .hospital

For Self-employed: .florist, .accountant, .plumbing, .photography, .lawyer, .doctor, .actor, .fashion

only to name a few.

These domains are most preferred, nowadays, the reason being their flexibility and advantages of use in a business. For example, actors setting up a professional portfolio website for themselves can use .actor as the website domain or a fashion company selling wardrobe can register a .fashion domain. Selection of these Top Level Domains helps the businesses specify their industry or location just with the website name.

Another good reason for going beyond the traditional (.com, .co, .net, .org) is availability. Reports state that nearly 130 million .com domains have been already registered over the internet. This means there are these many business names that have been used. So, new businesses resembling these 130 million business names would face problems while setting up their website. Here, these new TLDs come into play and pave a direct way to establishing websites.

Apart from sorting out availability problems, having a new kind of TLD attached to your business website actually makes it look good. Businesses and firms are realizing and adopting this trend at a large level. Google itself has been exploring new TLDs for its websites. For instance, you are redirected to Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) webpage through Also, Alphabet, the parent company of Google has their website address as

So in short, new domain extension offers following benefits over traditional one:

Flexibility with variety of options Availability Uniqueness Trendy Gives information about your business & industry Easy to remember by customer

Considering the available options offered by TLDs, one can keep their website address as small as they wish. Hence, it becomes easy to remember the website address, business name, and the business’s industry. - Website Building makes easy

enter image description here is one of the most popular website builders today. Named as, “The world’s first automatic website builder”, its distinct pricing structure, options and features attract most of the professional website developers towards it. One of the reasons why it is called the future of website building is, its feature of building mobile-centric websites so that they could function in equivalence to native mobile apps. These are a few positive highlights that should be pointed out;

It is coding-free, which means, you do not have to be a professional developer to operate it efficiently. It is quick in functioning. You can have a decently operational website in less than 30 minutes. There are great looking customizable template designs specially made for mobile sites. Regarding the ease of use, you can pull your data from your Facebook business page to generate a mobile website of ten different designs in no time. promises to bring several new enhancements to its e-commerce features and its user base. It also assures more back-up options in the future, so that one can easily build a mobile website using a mobile device while not having to worry about the space availability. These are the five categories you can build your website under:

Restaurant Personal Local Business Musician Health & Beauty

The two most preferred paid plans are; monthly $9 for starter, and monthly $14 for business. It also offers a free plan, if you’d like to try before you buy.

One of its major features is the “Edit Style” button. It gives you the option to alter the website while you build it, with the “Select New Skin” option to choose the right design at the same time.

There are other unfinished features like these that are expected to be finished soon and launched. We’re eager to see what else this futuristic website builder has to surprise us with.

Snapchat & Instagram - Best social media platform to promote your business

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Social media is an extremely powerful business tool this day & involved in major turnarounds in terms of increased web traffic, customer engagement, sales conversion and brand building. If used in an effective way, social media can impact hugely on businesses by letting your followers know about your services. It keeps customers engaged for longer periods which allow businesses to focus target customers.

Specifically, we are going to talk about 2 social media platforms, Instagram & Snapchat. Instagram have over 550 million followers and 60 million pictures shared daily through Instagram & 100 million followers for Snapchat. You cannot afford anymore to avoid these 2 platforms for your business as they are growing rapidly and they have started self-serve advertising platform which makes them, even more stronger contender in the social race. No.1 reason to use them is their visual content reach to audiences.

Instagram allows you to narrate stories with a simple photograph, which is a reason business owner should opt for Instagram for marketing strategy. It allows you to know your audiences and their preferences like what do they like, what are they sharing, what are they talking about etc. Users are looking for photos that speak to them. The best brand pages are the ones that routinely post emotion-filled, beautiful photos of their products and services. In Instagram, about 90% users fall between 18-40 ages, and therefore, relevancy is a key factor for any company looking to make its impact.

With the use of Instagram, you can reward loyalty to users with exclusive content; you can attract them by discounting product for brand advocates. It’s a great way to leverage the intimacy of marketing through Instagram to build a lasting relationship with your customers. Story search for hashtag and locations make things more discoverable and face filters help you edit images on the go. Tagging other accounts, e.g. @instagram in Stories is ideal for collaborators and influencer marketing.

All photos and videos you add will play in the sequence they were added and you can add as many as you like. Instagram Stories adverts are available to all businesses globally from 2017. You can use these to target new audiences and add Call-to-Action (CTA) to your collages which can be useful for promotions.

Snapchat is a well recognised and reputable social media marketing tool for businesses, and its interactive capabilities and follower engagement possibilities makes it more valuable for businesses. Snapchat’s daily video views have grown 400% over the course of the year (from 2 billion to 10 billion). Snapchat’s video views have tripled every 6 months.” These are so attractive stats that everyone wants to get benefited through it.

Snapchat is a platform made for user engagement. Give your followers opportunities to interact with your business by requesting videos of their own or comments or whatever works for your business. This type of interaction benefits your small business because your audience is responding to specific requests in real time and you can respond in real time too.

Shared hosting – Best suited for smaller websites and blogs

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Shared hosting is a service provided by web hosting companies that allow multiple websites to share a physical web server and associated services. Web server is generally distributed to several websites to operate, serve, and accommodate their functional stuff securely without being compromised on privacy.

Shared hosting is common and popular among mid-size business owners as it comes at cost-effective (fair) price with good features that allows you to grow.

If you are a small or mid-size website owner, blogger, then it’s not advisable to get a dedicated hosting as they are available at high price which may be suitable for large websites like Samsung, Amazon etc. Shared hosting is best for small and mid-size websites as the charges on entire server is being shared by organisations sharing the same server.

Take a look at some of the benefits of shared hosting

Get a personalized space on web server: – When you sign up for a server, you get a part of physical server which is reserved only for your website and it houses database, documents for you only. Other websites are also present with different space sharing same server, computing power and storage.

Cheap and Effective: – Shared hosting is considerably cheaper than dedicated one and perfectly suits for small websites that don’t have high web traffic and comparatively low-security concerns. It provides solution that does justice to your requirement and content.

Ultra-Reliable: – Shared hosting has a rock solid defence that stops every breach activity which may harm your website by any means.

Daily Back-up: – Shared hosting servers provide you daily back-ups of your data, the data that is the major prospect of your business (everything and anything depend on data). You don’t want to be a victim of lost data.

Speed: – It is one of most prime features of shared hosting. It’s no secret that users tend to move on early when they lands to slower website, looking for better and faster websites than yours. So it is crucial to have fast and quickly loadable (accessible) site that allows users to have better surfing experience. Shared hosting provide fast accessible service with top hardware interference.

cPanel: – Shared hosting comes with easy to use admin panel that allow website owner to manage a site without much technical knowhow.

What is cloud hosting? How it really works?

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Cloud hosting is a form of web hosting, growing popularity due to its broad functionality. It is a little known and somewhat tricky to understand if you are not a technical guy who holds a business website. Cloud hosting is service that manages data storage through a hosted network which is operated by multiple web servers that are interconnected and is the major reason behind its popularity. The resources that are required to maintain your website are spread over more than one server and contribute when needed.

This multi-server scenario reduces your downtime when there is a website malfunction which means whenever your website face crash, the required resources to start your website is provided by another server. If there is a no cloud service you will again have to create all the database and technical documents to run your website. Let’s take an example of Google search engine, it’s all resources are spread over hundred servers on the cloud that makes sure Google doesn’t face any downtime issues and is a reason in past decade why we haven’t seen Google search engine crash down.

Each server in cloud carries a particular set of tasks, and in case of any server failure another server comes in as a back-up and handles the workload. This particular task comes handy during the overload and website lagging conditions which does not allow hampering the performance and its possible only due to high-quality hardware system that clouds possess.

Whenever you perform a search, the queries are run on a huge network of computers (cloud) and not being limited to a single server. This provides complete flexibility of adding more new servers to handle the workload.

Types of cloud storage systems

Enterprise storage: – Businesses can use cloud storage systems as a commercially supported remote backup solution. Software agents running on the company network can securely transfer copies of files and database data to 3rd party cloud servers either at regular intervals or continuously.

Personal file hosting: – It is the most basic form of cloud storage which allows users to upload individual files or folders from their personal computers to a central Internet server. This allows users to make backup copies of files in case their originals are lost.

Benefits of cloud hosting

Data Recovery: – Cloud computing provider enables automatic data backup on the cloud system. The recovery of data when a hard drive crash is either not possible or may cost a huge amount of dollars or wastage of valuable time.

Data Centralization: – Another key benefit of cloud services is the centralized data. The information of several branch offices or multiple projects is stored in one location that can be accessed from remote places.

Reliability: – Rather than hosted on a single instance of a physical server, hosting is delivered on a virtual partition which draws its resource, such as disk space, from an extensive network of underlying physical servers. If one server goes offline it will have no effect on availability, as the virtual servers will continue to pull the resource from the remaining network of servers.

A professional Email address is what you need to head start your business

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A professional Email address is what you need to head start your business

Professional e-mail address are not freely available email addresses like @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoomail, etc but email address with your domain name in address. It gives you look of settled and matured professionalism that may not be possible with so-called free service providers. Mainly because people overlook the emails that are sent using free service and chances are pretty high that may consider it as useless or fishy, which can impact negatively.

Let’s take an example. If you want to send a mail to your potential customer and you have 2 email addresses. One provided by free email service provider and the other with your domain name in it. Which email id would you use, probably the one with company domain name? Why? Because it is easy to create e-mail addresses using free email service and anyone can create it to use it for phishing and for other fraud or so.

E-mails with professional addresses make your potentials customers feel secure, as they are confident of not being getting spam. It easily convinces people that you really are who you say you are and that brings trust in the picture and increases your credibility. In other words, it makes people feel safe and serious about the mail sent by you. In this age of the internet, it is very hard to win or retain customers trust.  In order to do so, companies try every possible road and professional e-mail address is a small part of that road to success.

Listed out certain reasons to use professional email addresses:

Minimizes chances of being getting spam:- Your e-mail getting spam, is the last thing you want to hear. So in order to avoid such complicated issues, you need to create a professional e-mail address that will be able to tell your motive behind the mail, to make your business image positive, most important thing is to communicate with your potentials customers with ease.

Create and maintain professional image:- Consider you have a firm and a website with the domain name is matching with your firm name. So the mail sent through that professional email service gives people, the idea about your business, offer much-needed trust and create much needed professional image.

Indirectly link to your website:- E-mail address with your domain name helps people to identify your firm and it provide a direct link to your website resulting in inbound traffic to your website and direct branding.

Can operate through mobiles:- It was a major drawback of professional e-mail addresses in past, they couldn’t be operated through mobile devices due to certain restrictions. But nowadays, you can operate it through a mobile app or even sync it with Gmail. Using POP and SMTP servers, Gmail allows you to download and send professional emails from customizing e-mail service.

Easy and cheap:- Till now you would have considered it as an expensive service to use, but it’s very cheap and you can avail email service as cheap as $10 to $12 a year. It is very easy to operate as easy as Gmail and it’s only a matter of few clicks and you need not require any technical know-how.

So don’t waste a single minute and get your professional email address to match your domain name. It’s easy, fast, reliable and boosts your credibility.