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Prevent your website from getting blacklisted by search engines!

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Yes! Search engines sometimes refuse to list your pages due to your poor SEO efforts, and/or because of using pirated content on your website that leads to a website block (blacklisting). It is a scary thing that sometimes you unknowingly get close to blacklisting scenario, by uploading lots of pages a day, adding more than 20 words in your META tag section in order to raise your SEO, adding more keywords into the title(most people do that), etc.

In order to get benefitted from daily infinite Google searches, you need to play fair by following the rules set by giant Google search engine. You shouldn’t duplicate your content else you will see your website blocked, permanently! As we have got the fair idea about blacklisting, let’s talk about, how can you possibly avoid it from happening? There are certain things that you have to avoid while maintaining a webpage; few of which are discussed below.

Uploading pages on regular basis:- Some search engines believe that uploading same pages within 24-30 hours is too sooner and it can harm your SEO and have a high possibility of delaying your website from being listed in SEO rankings. So, avoid submitting same pages to search engines to avoid getting victimise for blacklisting.

Don’t spam your keywords:- You have to avoid it because it has got the highest number of victims rate. For example, your website is all about digital marketing and you have put popular keyword like Lionel Messi in your META keyword. Search engines identify it via filters as a spam and block your website. Another thing is you must have META words in your web copy and don’t rush keyword in your title only, this can lead you towards blocking.

Don’t crowd your title:- It should be about 4-6 words that are appropriate to your web content. A title should not contain a long chain of keywords (1-2 important keywords are best).

Duplicate website:- This was the technique used in past to raise your SEO rankings. The content of the websites was used to be same but only with different URL and search engines were unable to catch it. But if you try this technique in the present day, you will definitely get blocked by search engines.

Keyword Repetition:- Don’t repeat your most important keyword too often in your META tag section. It is fine to repeat important keyword up to 2 times, which actually will boost your SEO.

Automated Submissions to the Major Search Engines:- Using an automated service or software to submit your website to the search engines can be extremely counterproductive. Majority of the big search engines and directories accept manual submissions but do not like to be spammed with the automated ones.

Cloaking:- Search engine technique in which 2 different content is presented to users and search engines. Better you should avoid this deceptive technique because if you get caught, your website can get permanently banned.

Using bots to add or edit contents automatically:- Search engines hate it when some bot create, edit or modify your web content on your behalf automatically.

Below are the status codes of indications for blocking:

301 Moved Temporarily

401 Unauthorized

403 Forbidden

404 Not Found

408 Request Timeout

429 Too Many Requests

503 Service Unavailable!

The next big thing in security intelligence

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Security intelligence is not just installing firewalls & checks for threats regularly; it is way more than simply running anti-malware software to protect sensitive assets. It is a process of collecting large data which is highly actionable and using big data tools in order to avoid potential harm, and data is collected from different sources including cyber threats themselves. Collecting data through threats help to create proper strategy & implement it in the way attackers would not be able to crack your system.

In simple words, we can say that security intelligence is next generation of protection that create a highly secure layer for your sensitive information. It not only helps protect assets but also helps businesses to determine the safety of their existing protection, whether existing protection capable of tackling advanced threats techniques. Security intelligence with the big data tools is most intelligent, integrated, and automated security available presently that is nearly impossible for attackers to break.

You should have the knowledge of the present or potential threats that are/capable of harming your assets so that you can be able to identify and prevent them. An advanced persistent threat (APT) is one of & highly effective network attack that used by threat performers to gain an unauthorised access to your network, just to steal data rather than to destroy your network/organisation. APTs remain unnoticed for a longer period and then function-ate the network so effectively that your malware detector or so-called security tool would not able to detect it, so destroy it. That is the main reason for you to implement security intelligence to manage your risks and analyse your network behaviour.

You probably have heard of governing agencies, big corporations implementing the security intelligence in their systems mainly, because they have anticipated the potential hazards of cybercrime in upcoming years. If you have to face the cleaning up of cyber attacks like APTs, trust me it will be the hardest thing you and your organisation can do. By implementing security intelligence, you can detect early and prevent them. This will definitely avoid your suffering.

Security intelligence prevents following assets attack:

Your customer and employee information
Confidential information on manufacturing process
Your access credentials
Strategic and product roadmap information
Sensitive information including communications that could be embarrassing if disclosed
Classified information Cash and cash equivalents

Tricks to convert your ordinary website into Best website

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Today’s world is accommodated with everyday e-commerce start-ups! But why only a few of them are able to stand in the race? Because they lack a great design, no SEO strategy, and no visitors engaging content or maybe they don’t have good web host etc. To tackle it and become a successful website, you only have to implement some changes that every successful website possess. One of the greats had once said, if you want to become successful don’t do different things, just do them differently. Exactly the point lies herein. Does there are really any dark secrets? Maybe! But they are not dark at all, they are just unresolved.

You are gonna need these things to set up a successful website:

1 Clear idea for website structure

You must in clear thoughts how you gonna set up the structure, that will give you real results. You should know who your customers are, what interests them, what age group they are, how they find you on the internet, what content they are looking at on your site and most important is what gonna make them purchase a certain product. When you strategies these things it will be a lot easier to construct.

2 User-friendly design

According to survey users make an impression about the website within 120 to 190 milliseconds, that is too little time to make or break your business. That is why your website should have a user-friendly design that excites them and engaged them on your site. Design and user experience factors are incredibly important in creating positive first impressions. Your content must be informative that influenced their mind, broader their trust, a website should have a clear layout, a good navigation, interactive feature, relevant illustrations for their preference. You must avoid too much text, boring concepts, pop-up ads, small size text, lengthy navigation, and too colour customization as it irritates peoples most.

3 SEO(search engine optimization)

It is the most important part of your web, SEO is an ongoing, continuous process and can impact how effective your website is in generating sales. if you have low SEO no matter how good is your web design, how killer content you have, how easily can navigate, all will go in vain as your website will not reach to your potential clients due to high competitiveness. According to CHITIKA 90% web traffic is directed towards the top 10 search results, so if you want your site to be on 1st page of search result you need very strong SEO. There are hundreds of ways to increase your SEO rankings, some of them listed below.

Your site should not take too long to respond and make sure images you are using are compressed for web Use keywords in title tags, on page content, alternative text on images and headings and optimise your pages around these keywords. Link building – promoting your content and asking other people to share it on their own blogs, websites and social media accounts. The more people who link to your site, the better! Upload constantly fresh, well researched, relevant and shareable content.

4 Create mobile friendly site

Mobile phones are in trend and 1 out of 3 people browse online on mobile phones, so it is an absolute necessity to make websites mobile friendly so that customers can reach your product.

5 Easy to cart design

If your website is an e-commerce and you deal with different products online, then you must create easy cart design so the customer can easily add the product to cart and carry on his/her list.

6 Use social media

More businesses using social media platforms to increase following community, and using it to provide a forum where your customers can interact with you and other customers and share knowledge helps to build your company’s brand and your positioning as an industry leader.

How Extended Validation SSL certificates is best for your e-commerce business?

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What is Extended Validation SSL Certificate?

EV SSL(Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer) is a one of trusted, high security & highest available certificate that is granted by CA(Certification Authority) after rigorous vetting process to an e-commerce business who complete the EV guidelines set by CA forum. CA perform a background check before granting the certificate that includes the domain name, organization name, website’s legal existence, currently in operation, does website address & telephone number listed, physical location.

Why Extended Validation SSL is important for your business?

If your company is new and doesn’t have any reputation, and you want to make a solid first impression. The EV SSL certificate is the only thing that can make it happen within a few weeks, as it provides a Green address bar with your website name that ensures to visitors, a website is genuine & safe to deal with. The e-commerce industry is full of competitors so one wrong decision can harm your trust factor in the market, which can lead to dangerous results. So to avoid this, EV SSL certificate is truly needed.

If your business has not been the victim of online fraud, at-least we know someone who has witnessed. If you are a start-up or medium-size business firm your chances are high to get victimized by online fraud-esters, which can make a negative impact on your e-commerce. To vanish fraud chances, you need to have EV SSL certificate. Consider you don’t have an EV SSL certificate chances are high that your users will abandon the purchase if data is sent over an unsecured connection, this can damage your credibility as the most trusted business.

Benefits of EV SSL Certificates:

  • It provides green light at the address bar of your website that makes customer assured about site’s security without any doubt. EV SSL

  • Certificate offers the highest degree of security including 256-bit encryption strength and multifarious cryptography technology which is hard to crack or deterred by hackers.

  • It improve SEO rankings, better rankings help in increasing traffic and conversions to your business.

  • Customers know you are legitimate

Web hosting makes your website complete. How?

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Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet. Web hosting is a space on a hard drive on a remote server. Files of your website are going to be saved in this space. Plus, these files will be publicly accessible. So, these files need to be kept very secure. Hosting does that for you as it prevents stealing your data, not letting hackers to put malicious files or malicious code on your website. Hosting companies never breach confidentiality and check your data.

Lets consider, if your website run into an issue, you won’t be able to get someone at any time to the day to have it fixed. The longer an issue, the website is more at risk and might get crash down. Which will definitely hurt its success, and your visitors might end up just going to your competitors. If you host your site, you would not have to worry about as your host available always to tackle them.


• Hosting companies keep their servers as new as possible and properly maintained, which reduce a chance of crashing.

• Servers that you run on are fast and reliable & give the best experience.

• Variety to choose the best plan- If you are just trying to get your first site up and running but don’t expect much traffic, then you can choose a basic plan that is less expensive. Plans get bigger and better as you move up.

• Professional web hosting services allow the users access to more storage space and dynamic bandwidth that is adjustable for growth in traffic in real time.

• With a web hosting service, you can edit your website easily and quickly without any technical knowledge.

• You will also get plenty of benefits and features that come along with signing up with your hosting company. Some examples that are common would be free email systems, tutorials & guides, a virus- and spam-filter, a gallery, and daily backup for your data.

Cloud combats a storage battle for you!

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We all know what cloud computing is all about. It’s a provision and managing of computing resources and how those resources are used to deliver the applications and services like-storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and more over the internet.

How cloud is fulfilling your storage worries?

Cloud computing providing an unlimited, secure and reliable access or storage facility to your vast business data, unlimited storage by mean you don’t have to worry about your computer hardware and software, how much they are capable of storing data, neither have to go for safety assurance like a back-up of your data. Cloud storage provides centralized daily back-ups, for your all domains and accounts.

Cloud takes your intensive data workload as rising of mobile applications, internet of things causing massive increases in the volume of data need to be moved, processed and stored which is nearly hard for your local storage server system. That is where cloud storage puts an upper hand on conventional storage and allow you to store your massive data without any fear, as it provides daily backup services.

Cloud is known for its efficiency- it provides dynamic infrastructure design that helps to combat the rising cost of IT’s budget, elasticity, rapid provisioning. It also gives you one-click non-destructive restore and back-up for your valuable data.

Reliable- Cloud computing makes data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity easier and less expensive because data can be mirrored at multiple redundant sites on the cloud provider’s network.

Speed-cloud service providers provide on-demand service so that vast amount of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes, that gives businesses a lot of flexibility and taking the pressure off.

Traditional enterprise storage vendors creating tactics to combat public cloud such as increased availability of pay-as-you-go storage consumption models.

Emergence of Animated GIFs in Emails

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Emails have become more powerful than ever because of the arrival of animated GIFs. These animations are able to attract and draw the attention of customers to your product in a very powerful manner. GIFs create playfulness, delight, and sense of levity that helps for eye catch and entertainment of your customer’s inbox. They are strongly useful in a way of product explanation process, that’s more effective, engaging, and space efficient than a series of images.

GIF is (Graphic Interchange Format), it is a bitmap image format and is an image file like the PNG and JPG files, these GIFs are different from scene cuts to slide-show style animation which features multiple still frames from different images. Why animated GIF emails are very popular not because they are eye-candies and fun to watch, but because they have the ability to represent the functionalities of the product or service in a better way.

Animated GIFs require extra time and effort to get emerge, but once they are ready, the file can be loaded into email normally as a jpeg image. Today’s market mostly depends upon storytelling of your product to attract customers, where GIFs come very handy for eye-catching prospects.

GIF benefits

GIF help land readers eye on your valuable content. They are proven to increase engagement and conversions. They load easily and more rapidly than other forms of animation.

GIFs tell story in short, crisp and smart visual way. Using GIF animation in email campaigns increases click-through rates.

Points that can enhance marketing email by GIFs.

1) Use GIF only when it is necessary: - by means one or two properly placed GIFs can add spark required and even can act as CTA (call to action).

2) GIF should be short: - it becomes quite important to keep the GIFs short to the point along with proper calls to actions. It should be used precisely in order to promote specific features or product line rather than flaunting all the stuff in the email with different GIFs.

3) Test them before sending: - Whether you are creating emails for desktop or mobile, it is crucial to test the final email before deploying it. If there are any codes that are making the email bulkier than what you expected it to be; testing would save you from negative aftermaths.

Convert your website visitors into clients through digital marketing

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The most significant thing in the digital marketing world is website traffic if you have set up a business and your site is causing substantial traffic. But you’re not taking in the results of sales. Visitors find your site and then forget. All that traffic means nothing if it isn’t contributing to your bottom line, then that is the sign, you need to get some modifications on your website to convert customers. Most online visitors don’t convert to customers on the very first visit, and unless you capture some contact information and follow up immediately.

Do following things to accumulate and convert visitors to clients

Make website faster – because it is very important part of your business, let me ask you, how many time you left a website due to poor loading speed? Some surveys said that 53% of customers make no purchase through a website that takes too long to load. That is a sole reason to make your website faster.

Post case studies – is a reason they convert so well is that the case studies don’t just talk about the traffic or revenue increases, but they also break down exactly what I did to help my customers achieve those results.

Use longer testimonial – don’t use simple and shorter testimonial, because the testimonial itself isn’t too convincing compared to the longer one. Longer testimonials are and tell a story to hook you in, it also talks about results achieved. When using testimonials, make sure you sprinkle them on your whole site. From sales pages to checkout pages, use them on any page that can impact a sale.

Introduce live chat – this helps customers to get answered their queries instantly, a customer who is not sure about your product will also get a proper idea about the product.

Use people’s herd mentality – you must have noticed that people move in the herd. If they see other people jumping into something, they typically do the same. If you want to increase your sign-ups, show how many people have recently signed up or are currently using your product or service.

Customize your pitch – you can do this by creating a unique product or service for your customer, but your chances are you won’t be able to do so, as it’s hard to create unique product each time. Another method you can try is to customize your sale pitch by putting in unique information targeted towards each of your visitors.

Use comparison page – if your product or service is in the market with a lot of demand, you will find competitors in the market with same product, that means your customers comparing your product with competitors before making a purchase. Why don’t you help out your potential customers with a landing page that has these comparisons? Give them reasons as to why they should choose you over your competitors. You can do it in the form of a comparison chart filled with images, numbers, and symbols which will add the much-needed colour to it.

Create a high converting CTAs – A CTA or “call-to-action” is the action that you want people to take. This could be “call now,” “learn more,” or “download an e-book.” You can place a CTA anywhere in your marketing in a form of wording or graphic.

Design a thank-you page – a thank-you page is a place where your visitors go after they have converted into a lead or customers. You can create a thank-you page that could confirm their purchase and can successfully sign up for your newsletter or any other conversion actions they do.

How to write an effective email to impress your client?

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“Effective email” Everyone knows what an email is but very few can actually construct an effective email. The key is simple than what you think of. Write it in your own voice, your words that would reflect on who you are, why you do what you do, what you can give to them, and why they should trust you. You can start with a casual tone at the beginning of an email without throwing your plans out the window.

Make sure you are organised and focused and able to write a unique email (not a paragraph sort thing) which would stand out from others. Email should have quality content rather than quantity, it shouldn’t be too long, just make sure to include all crucial information in there.

The best way is to save client’s valuable time if you can. It’s better than claiming you can help them because it proves that you can. Take unnecessary work away from your clients. Make smart decisions for them easy and put the burden on yourself to prove that you can help.

A mistake people often do while writing corporate mail is they write emails too formally and fail to put enough energy into their writing. Even if you grab their attention, your energy needs to stay high. You’re not just trying to get them in the door. You’re trying to keep them there long enough to hear your message. Do you realize how many people stop partway through your email? The answer is usually “most”.

Eventually, people don’t know how much energy is needed to excite a client. That mean excludes everything that doesn’t help you get them reply. Keep your email extremely short so that it would be easier for them to find out the crucial point of your email.

Your subject line should be so specific, it could only be sent to one person. This will make sure your email gets opened. You should think about your relationships with clients as collaborations rather than just you providing a product or service to them.

If you want clients to do business with you, you need to show them how you will deliver value to them. A value proposition is a promise to deliver value to their experience. Using this term puts the emphasis on your client and their experience. It reminds them what they are getting out of the experience, which is why they are doing business with you in the first place.

You must stay scalable when developing long-term relationships with clients as their needs will change over time. That means, your offerings will need to change and evolve with them if you want to retain them as your clients. What your client cares about is their return on investment or ROI. What are they getting for their money? Using this term gives them specific answers and shows them that you are concerned with the value they receive from you.

“Let me know, how I can help” seems a professional way to send an email but don’t end a mail in such a way because it sounds like you are dumping work on them. Quit your open-ended emails and start prescribing a solution. At first, it might be felt wrong but this set the tone and makes the client think that his time is valuable and he is a professional, capable of making the right decisions. It also meant that you will be taking work away from your clients.

An Effective Mail would consist:

Organized information – Make sure to organize your information before writing to the client, break your information into categories like planning, required time, publicity etc.

Insert headings – Headings attracts readers attention. Begin each bullet point with a heading in bold, making the message easy to skim.

Use bullet points – for each category you separate bullets, as they make content to look well organised. You can use sub-points but that depends upon the length of words.

Use good grammar. Write simply and get straight to the point.

Make your email easy to scan by using lists and by making key points bold.

Don’t send your entire portfolio. Break out 1-2 pieces that are relevant to their project.

Match the benefits of your past work to their current needs.

Identity Theft an issue of concern to everyone

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Identity theft is a process in which crime is perform with help of someone else's wrongfully obtain personal data in some way that involves fraud, to get an economic benefit. It becoming an increasingly common problem, as performers discover new and unique paths to get hold of the required information to steal someone's identity.

Criminals use your personal information such as date of birth, health insurance number, bank details, credit card details, driver's licence number, permanent address number(pan), etc. Stolen information can be used to obtain merchandise, credits, services in the name of a victim, running up debt, might be used to provide a false identification to police.

Your personal information can able them to perform different types of crime that includes financial fraud, credit card fraud, bank fraud, tax rebates, and telecommunications fraud.

How do they do this:

Shoulder surfing - thieves can steal information by simply standing next to you in public places such as government offices and watch you filling up form or listen up while you convey it on phone.

Phishing and Spam - is method used to trick people into offering up their information to identity thieves masquerading as legitimate financial entities, a colleague the recipient trusts or an individual who makes monetary promises in exchange for information, email may contain attachments having malware which can be design to steal personal information.

Types of identity theft:

True-name identity theft - thief uses personal information to open new accounts, may use to open credit card account, establish cellular phone service or open a new checking account in order to obtain blank checks.

Account takeover identity theft - criminal uses personal information to gain access to the person's existing accounts. typically, the thief will change the mailing address on an account and run up a huge bill before the person whose identity has been stolen realises there is a problem.

If you get victimise do a certain things:

  • Place a fraud alert and get your credit reports.
  • Report identity theft to nearest police station or cyber crime department.
  • Call the companies where you know the fraud is occurred
  • Block or secure your accounts or credit cards.

Complete prevention of identity theft is not possible, however it can be reduce by taking some precautions:

  • Beware of spam mails which may be phishing for data.

  • Do not forget to completely destroy your all documents containing your sensitive data, rather than just discarding them.

  • Take care to protect your data by being aware of your privacy settings on social media.