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How safe is cloud to store my business private data?

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Cloud is one of the easy and secure ways to store the data. Because of its easy-to-access, most of the people think that cloud is not a safe place to secure confidential data. But with the evolution of technology, people came to know that cloud is safer to store the data rather than storing on the local machines.

Why is cloud the safest place?

The service providers of cloud offer most secure platforms to keep the client’s data secured. To ensure data protection and network security the cloud providers implement security capabilities like:

Firewalls Intrusion-detection systems Denial of service solutions. If in case, hackers get the access to the network, then cloud providers use a combination of automated threat detection and rapid-response forensics tools to reduce the time of detecting unauthorized users resolves the consequences of hacking. Your data is protected even in case of natural disaster. Compared to local machines you can store huge amount of data on the cloud at a lower cost.

According to the national security services, 82% of the organizations have a cloud security strategy. As there are no geographical limits, you can choose the best class security providers where major international companies also trust.

How cloud keeps data secured?

Data security is achieved by executing a set of controls, processors, procedures, policies and software and hardware functions. The most common way providers keep the data safe is through encryption which makes hacking it a laborious. The method they use for encryption increases the level of security. The following are the reasons that make cloud safe:

Redundancy: The service providers store at least three copies of each data in different places. If all the three copies are lost, then only your data will disappear. This happens only with a relatively small fraction of data. The lost data can be recovered in a couple of days.

Security: Cloud service offers multi-factor authentication and encryption can often be enabled. To protect the data take care of your credentials, for example, providing passwords.

Safe Sharing: You can share the data by giving access to other people to read it. You don’t need to make a copy of the file or no need to mail them. The data is accessible only to the person who you want to share it.

Cloud storage is not hacked data:

The information stored in the cloud cannot be hacked but can be lost. This can be eliminated by if the cloud is used as a sharing platform instead of using it as a storage platform. Store the shared files into something like Google Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint. So, that you can ensure that if your data is lost, you can locate them through the other platforms easily.

Domain name which suits to my business

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A website gets noticeable if and only if the domain name is perfect. Your domain name deserves hours, if not days to choose the proper, unique and concise name. Before reaching to your website people would come across your domain name. As we all know, the first impression is the last impression, you need to work more on choosing the domain name that suits best to your brand to create that long lasting first impression. If you don’t know how to pick a right one for your website, then follow the steps mentioned below. A domain name should be:

Short: The more simple it is, the easier to type, say and share. The top-5 websites have nearly 6 characters in their domain name. So, keep it as short as possible. Prefer less than 15 characters to make the name excluding the TLD.

Easy to pronounce: The name should roll off the tip of your tongue like it rolls off the tip of your fingers. This makes the visitors to share the name of your website by word of mouth easily. After making the domain name, spell it and ask others also to do the same. If it’s easy to say then you don’t need to change the name, otherwise, make it simplifier further.

Easy to remember: You can find millions of domains names registered on the web. So, to make your name easily memorable, you should choose a catchy one which is essential. Make sure it sounds appealing and makes sense to others.

With Broad Keywords: Keywords are known for improving the ranking of your website on Google. The right keyword for your domain name will help to make it obvious, what your website is about. Place the keywords at the beginning of your domain as it helps to improve the ranking of the SEO.

Available on all social media channels: Before finalizing the name, check whether the domain name is already in the social media. it is always ideal to have the same name across your domain and social networks. This makes the name familiar and easy for your visitors and customers to find you on the web. Stay away from the names that already have the trademark to avoid legal issues.

Protected: Find the names which are misspelt versions of your brand. This will help to prevent the competitors from making versions of your name. Even though your customers mistype the name on the address bar, the domain name will ensure that they are directed to your website.

A brandable name: With the existence of multiple websites on the web, it is no easy task to find the creative and unique single word brand name to your website. To have such domain name follow steps below

– Avoid using hyphens and numbers as they do not sound like a brand name.

– Make up catchy and new words on your own.

– Find unique and interesting words that fit best for your brand with the use of a thesaurus.

– Make use of domain name generators which helps to get a unique brandable name.

Which hosting service is best for my website?

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Hosting is a service which allows you to put your website content online and gives permission to view other people what you have uploaded. You don’t need to waste your time by sending files to the people. Web Hosting will allow you to host these files online, so all people can access them anytime from anywhere. Now, you might be thinking of which hosting service is best for my website! We have showcased different types of hosting services, one of which might suits your requirement.

Types of hosting services:

Hosting services are basically of 4 types namely Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud hosting.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is where one server hosts many websites. This is becoming powerful these days. It provides a limited amount of space that can be shared by multiple users at a time. The resources offered by shared hosting can be used by any number of users on that server. It suits for websites of Smaller companies not having huge amount of data on website



-Easy to Manage


-Performance is slow

-Risk of Server Shutdown

VPS(Virtual Private Server):

A VPS server is split into multiple segments depending on the number of customers on that server. This hosting server will give its clients same amount of speed, space, and bandwidth. It will have less number of shared accounts with thicker partitions. This offers your own server with less memory and processing power.


-Secure and fast


-Expensive than shared hosting

-Difficult to configure Unmanaged VPS

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting offers each customer with a single server. This is usually reserved for websites that have tons of data. It suits to E-commerce websites.


-More secure

-24/7 Support


-More Expensive

Cloud Hosting:

With cloud hosting, the content of your website is copied to multiple servers around the world. The hosting service runs on a series of clustered servers. When you know you will have huge traffic, auto-scaling is the best option for short-term campaigns.


-Highly scalable

-Easier collaboration

-Cost reduction as compared to VPS

-Inbuilt Redundancy


-Technical knowledge required

– Security updates and patches need to be installed manually


You can find many hosting servers that are present online. But all the web hosts do not offer the same features and services. So, it is essential to pick the right hosting service for your website as per your requirement.

Website Builder - Anyone can develop a website for himself

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Websites are essential for businesses of any industry. A few years ago, creating a website was possible for people who have the complete knowledge of coding. But now, you need not know a single word of coding to create your own website.

So, you have an amazing idea that you want to share on the internet and thinking of how to create it. You might be thinking that I don’t have any basic knowledge of how coding is done, then how could I create a website on my own. You are wrong! Do you know that you can design and present your ideas on the website you created? Let us explain you how! Here are some ways for creating your website with simple and easy methods. is a unique web builder as it lets you build a mobile website in smartphones, desktop, and tablet. This allows you to create a website using your Facebook page, website address or business address. It automatically adds photos, events, music, logos and other social media feeds. You don’t need to write a separate code to make it responsive. It auto-generates a set of ten layouts based on the information you have provided in the initial creation process.

Wix: Wix is a cloud-based web development platform, which lets you develop a website using their online tools. It is one of the low-cost websites that promote the online businesses by creating a promotion web site. You can build and maintain your site on their software. Wix lets you add several third-party tools like Google Analytics without compromising usability

Advantages of using the website builder are listed below.

Reduced cost:

Designing a professional website is a good investment if you plan to use it for business purposes. Website builder prevents you from spending too much money to develop your website. It is the finest way to start in designing the site using the website builder with free of cost.

Drag and Drop feature:

You can easily drag and drop the graphics and other designs where you want it exactly on the website. It doesn’t need a specific code to move something from your website pages. You can simply drag from the location and drop it in the desired area. This makes a large difference by giving a new look to your website.

Requires zero technical knowledge:

With the help of website builder, you don’t need to worry about any coding and programming skills. The website builders already have their own readymade templates used in making a website. It is easy to create a unique look and feel of your site. You can choose the attractive designs with just a single click instead of, spending hours of time in coding.

Easy and convenient to use:

The website builders offer a very convenient service. It will allow you to make changes to the images and upgrade the content in your site easily. Create your own website with high quality within the less time.


Now you know the steps of creating your website right! Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create an outstanding website that makes you look unique in the crowd.

SSL Certificate - A must before SEO

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Each and every website, whatever their product, services or offering is, want a good Google ranking. There are literally hours and hours of online tutorials available online which teaches how to boost your Google rank or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). But using a simple SSL(Secure Socket Layer) certificate can help you greatly in achieving that.

Most of the users browsing the Internet on a daily basis are constantly apprehensive about sharing their personal data online. Before going ahead you should know the simple difference between HTTP & HTTPS.

HTTP is for Hypertext transfer protocol while HTTPS stands for Hypertext transfer protocol Secure. This extra S in HTTPS is for security because of SSL certificate.

SSL certificate helps in putting an extra security in the form of encrypted data when the user visits your website to transfer some personal information. This might not seem a big deal for a user, simply browsing the internet, but for websites which are based on getting some personal data from users; this additional encryption feature will help a lot in getting extra security.

SSL certificate makes sure that any kind of data that is shared by the user with the web browser and server remains completely private and encrypted. SSL websites can be explained in more detail, but here we are mainly focused on how this will help you in achieving a better Google ranking or better SEO

Google has officially announced that they are going to give websites with an SSL certificate a preference in ranking when compared to simple HTTP website. Google’s main aim behind this announcement is to keep the web, a completely secured place for users. They want most of the websites to be transferred from HTTP to HTTPS.

Google also has announced that their research has proved that sites with HTTPS (SSL certificate) shows better ranking, not in terms of just privacy but also relevancy. Google has always openly admitted as security to be their topmost priority. Google has started Indexing pages on a priority basis with HTTPS pages at the topmost priority.

But you shouldn’t think that merely HTTPS will help your website ranking in Google. There are a lot of factors that are going to be considered, but just to compare, if all the factors are same with other sites, and if your website is HTTPS then it will definitely rank better than others.

Bottom line is switching to HTTPS is definitely a smart move right now as it may not have a huge impact at present, but will surely become a very significant factor in the future.

Avoid website data loss using following techniques

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Owning a website and protecting the files on that website is a crucial part. It is essential to keep back-ups of all the data that’s on your server if you own a website. Website data loss and technology failures may happen all the time. Rather than having a few website pages, we often have huge databases running on our websites. So a risk of loss of data exists and the process of prevention became even more necessary. Lost data can’t be recovered anywhere. To de-risk from these losses, you need to find creative alternatives for securing the data. In this section, we have explained in detail on how to prevent website data loss.

Amazon Web Services:

Amazon web services are designed to store a large amount of data and retrieve that information from anywhere. It provides a wide range of backup options that stores the files in a quiet place with the variety of services offered by Amazon. It ensures that the data is secured, scalable and safe to achieve efficiency within their backup and recovery environment without the need for on-premises tools.

Google Drive:

If you want to store a small amount of data, then this will be a great option for the low cost. It creates a virtual file system around your Gmail account, permitting you to use Gmail as a storage medium. The plugins present in this will automatically email your database backups on a regular basis. You can store and retrieve the files on your Gmail account directly from inside windows explorer. Remaining all the information can be mailed in an instance.

Cloud Backup:

The main benefit of using backup in the cloud is that you don’t need to do anything manually. The off-site backup service will take care of your data. But, you need to pay for the off-site service. In order to make use of the cloud backup. You have to find the best among all the backups available, to make sure that your files are not prone to any type of attacks.


As a human, we do mistakes and that may lead to losing important things. So, it is always important to take safety measures before happening of any disaster. A good backup is always wise in any kind of computing environment.

Business Email address - Utmost important for your business

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Effective digital marketing and online promotions require you to give maximum time and attention to your customers’ online behaviour. You might be able to make presentable and attractive ads to send them to your customers’ email accounts. However, people are sceptical when it comes to clicking on online ads even if they find them interesting. The reason for this is online fraud and scams.

In case, your business is a start-up or a small one, and you’re worried about the budget, business email accounts are available for as little as $1 these days. You will also be provided with enough space to store your important data.

These are a few important reasons why businesses should have their own business email ID:

It leaves a good impression on your existing customers and potential clients.

A business email address brands your business. It also reminds your customers of your business.

Spammers tend to hack your email account and compromise your business related data when your email address is not branded. Having a separate business email account making hacking impossible.

Leave alone clicking on your ads, most of the people don’t even open ad emails if they are not from a business email account.

You don’t have to worry about your email account being shut down by your webmail provider.

Your privacy is secured and you are protected from being a victim of viruses and malware.

You don’t have to choose from the options given to you. You can have the email handle of your choice.

It controls and organizes your system. You can create new email addresses for new employees with their names.

The customers find it easy and safe to interact directly with the employee they want to talk to.

Apart from all of these pros, a business email also helps you to recognize your employees with the email accounts. A business email address works just like having a business website. It is an answer to the question of credibility and reputation. If you seek expansion and results in a shorter period, owning a business email address is the first step towards that.

Increase your website traffic by getting your website secured

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Improving the search visibility of your website platform is sure to leave you with the benefit of increased visits ie traffic to your site and sales. But your website’s security is one of the biggest factors that can affect its visibility and conversions. Don’t trust us? Read on to know why it is crucial to have a secured website to beat the heat of competition.

The correlation of strong keyword ranking and secure website

If your site doesn’t run on an HTTPS protocol, then you’ll surely face fall in keyword rankings. The ranking algorithm of search engines lays a larger emphasis on user security. Even if your site has strong keyword stuffing, it would fail to achieve higher conversion rate if it lacks enough security. It is therefore important to have a secured website for higher ROI of your site.

Increase in Bounce Rates due to unsecured elements

With users becoming savvier, browsers are now turning assertive around warnings and blocking less secured elements and blocked content is likely to face increased bounce rates. Users exit the site either due to an intrusive warning or due to a low experience. Insecurity of your site will potentially affect its performance. For maintaining the current performance of your site, it is imperative to focus on building a secure site.

‘Not secure’ warning drops Online leads and sales

If your site features the right elements, users are likely to complete the desired action. An absence of barriers increases the leads or sales on that platform. On the other hand, a warning against the site’s security is sure to reduce the confidence of users in the website. Hence, a ‘not secure’ warning drops conversion rates, which eventually results in fewer leads or sales.

Some serious performance is important for HTTP/2

HTTP/2 offers some serious performance and speed benefits. This updated HTTPS protocol offers the benefit of improved speed and usability, which is crucial for high rank of the website. Note that popular browsers including Chrome support HTTPS sites over a non-secure connection only making HTTP/2 an essential set for high performance.

The Concluding Word

Making a website secure may seem a matter of simply updating or adding your SSL certificate, or changing some elements in your website’s code. But a website’s security is highly dependent on how it is built, and the integration/plugins that it is utilizing. It is advised, to get your site checked by a professional for identification and rectification of security issues.

Domains which everyone is looking for !

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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is granting new Top Level Domains (TLDs) every now and then. Currently, there are around a thousand of these Top Level Domains, like

For Business: .enterprises, .industries, .business, .company

For Real estate sector: .estate, .construction, .contractors, .properties, .property

For education sector: .school, .college, .education, .institute, .university, .tech, .academy

For healthcare sector: .clinic, .surgery, .dental, .healthcare, .hospital

For Self-employed: .florist, .accountant, .plumbing, .photography, .lawyer, .doctor, .actor, .fashion

only to name a few.

These domains are most preferred, nowadays, the reason being their flexibility and advantages of use in a business. For example, actors setting up a professional portfolio website for themselves can use .actor as the website domain or a fashion company selling wardrobe can register a .fashion domain. Selection of these Top Level Domains helps the businesses specify their industry or location just with the website name.

Another good reason for going beyond the traditional (.com, .co, .net, .org) is availability. Reports state that nearly 130 million .com domains have been already registered over the internet. This means there are these many business names that have been used. So, new businesses resembling these 130 million business names would face problems while setting up their website. Here, these new TLDs come into play and pave a direct way to establishing websites.

Apart from sorting out availability problems, having a new kind of TLD attached to your business website actually makes it look good. Businesses and firms are realizing and adopting this trend at a large level. Google itself has been exploring new TLDs for its websites. For instance, you are redirected to Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) webpage through Also, Alphabet, the parent company of Google has their website address as

So in short, new domain extension offers following benefits over traditional one:

Flexibility with variety of options Availability Uniqueness Trendy Gives information about your business & industry Easy to remember by customer

Considering the available options offered by TLDs, one can keep their website address as small as they wish. Hence, it becomes easy to remember the website address, business name, and the business’s industry. - Website Building makes easy

enter image description here is one of the most popular website builders today. Named as, “The world’s first automatic website builder”, its distinct pricing structure, options and features attract most of the professional website developers towards it. One of the reasons why it is called the future of website building is, its feature of building mobile-centric websites so that they could function in equivalence to native mobile apps. These are a few positive highlights that should be pointed out;

It is coding-free, which means, you do not have to be a professional developer to operate it efficiently. It is quick in functioning. You can have a decently operational website in less than 30 minutes. There are great looking customizable template designs specially made for mobile sites. Regarding the ease of use, you can pull your data from your Facebook business page to generate a mobile website of ten different designs in no time. promises to bring several new enhancements to its e-commerce features and its user base. It also assures more back-up options in the future, so that one can easily build a mobile website using a mobile device while not having to worry about the space availability. These are the five categories you can build your website under:

Restaurant Personal Local Business Musician Health & Beauty

The two most preferred paid plans are; monthly $9 for starter, and monthly $14 for business. It also offers a free plan, if you’d like to try before you buy.

One of its major features is the “Edit Style” button. It gives you the option to alter the website while you build it, with the “Select New Skin” option to choose the right design at the same time.

There are other unfinished features like these that are expected to be finished soon and launched. We’re eager to see what else this futuristic website builder has to surprise us with.